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Why Choose New Home Brisbane?

Deal Directly with Brisbanes best value home builder, a family owned company with over 30 years of local  exerience !

At My New Home Brisbane, our main goal is to make building your new home a great experience for you!
We pay a lot of attention to our customer's individual needs. We feel that it is important to understand their vision and provide them with the flexibility and high levels of customer service to enable them to build the home of their dreams. Whether it is your first home, upgrading to your dream home or you are looking to enter the investment market, we are the ideal building partner to fulfil your goal.



Our financier is a well known and trusted mortgage broker, who has over 9 years experience in home lending which has allowed her to understand the 'ins and outs' of the Australian home loan landscape. 


Brisbane offers a wide variety of new estates to build in. We have partnered up with some of the best land developers in the area to provide our customers with a range of estates to choose from.

The Building Professionals

Our builder, DJ Roberts is one of the largest local family owned businesses in the area and has been constructing award-winning homes for the past 30 years.


Our aim is to work with you to create a house and land package in an area your would like to live in or as close to as possible at an affordable price!

Low Deposit

Finance Options Available

Variety Of Estates To Choose From

Great Range Of Inclusions To Choose From

Customisable Plans

Huge Range of Standard Plans

Guidance and Support Throughout The Build

The My New Home Brisbane Promise

Deal Directly with Brisbanes Best Value Builder !

Guarantee to Beat any Genuine Written Quote

Custom designs at no additional cost

Hundreds of Flexible designs to choose from

Express Contract service every time

Knock down and rebuild specialists

Acreage homes

Duplexes, Granny flats, units and townhouses

Friendly efficient service

Great range of inclusions and upgrades

Include a pool or shed in one easy contract

Assistance with finding the right financier for you

The My New Home Brisbane Difference

How you could save up to $20,000 or more in hidden costs by contacting us before you sign a building contract

Our standard specifications include engineering for your foundations up to and including a H1 result, the result is determined by a soil test that is completed by an independant engineer prior to building your home. The result of your soil test can be affected by many different factors Including

  • Surrounding Trees and waterways 
  • The qualtiy of the soils compaction that was done by the developer
  • The soils reactivity and drainage
  • Any existing retaining walls or structures on your block of land

Most builders will include a minimum level of foundation engineering in their standard price, however the difference can be quite surprising, especially when it comes to the price if your soil test results and what is included as stadard are not the same.
At My New Home Brisbane, we are more than happy to arrange a pre contract soil test to ensure that there will be no ugly surprises. 


Will there be any additional site costs?

This is likely to be the biggest cause of the infamous “ hidden cost” that you will incur when building your home, and unfortunately it has the largest variability.  It could be anywhere between $10,000 and $70, 000! This cost will be based largely on your soil test (as mentioned in the previous section) but also the contours of your bock of land. The more reactive the soil and the larger the slope, the larger the site costs.

Aside from the quality of the soil (determined by the soil test) and the steepness of the slope, site costs can also be incurred if:

  • A large number of trees need to be cleared form the site
  • The site works cause traffic interruptions and/or road closures
  • You need to construct retaining walls
  • The area is prone to bushfires
  • The area is prone to flooding
  • The area requires acoustic management
  • Boundary survey pegs are missing
  • The covenant requires footpath cut outs or kerb cut outs for your driveway



When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane

We will investigate your block of land and do a pre-build site assessment to determine to the best of our ability which fees could apply to you. This allows you to get an estimate of any potential additional site costs you could incur. Once again, we are happy to do this before you sign a building contract with no additional fee.

(Note: It is advised that you ask you solicitor to do the above searches on the block during the conveyancing process)

Potential saving: Up to $20,000 or more


What site preparation, OH&S and council requirements are included?

Although every builder is aware of them, unfortunately they often leave it out of the base price. Speak to your builder & ensure they are included into your initial quote. These can cost upwards of $5,000.

Councils require some, if not all of the following items:

  • Asset Protection Permit Sediment Control
  • Temporary Fencing if required
  • Site Toilet
  • Survey for zero boundary lots
  • Skip bins for building waste



Ive heard some builders base price doesnt include flooring ?

When you build a house, the flooring (carpets and Tiles) may not be included in the quote. This is a very easy way for builders to keep their costs down when advertising as people see the low price and assume flooring would naturally be included and therefore don’t ask until it is too late. Generally, your house will be constructed on a concrete slab, and the rest is up to you. Make sure you speak to your builder about what flooring you would like to get a quote on and get a reliable estimate in writing.

When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane:

Our standard specifications include quality carpet and underlay to all bedrooms and second living area as well as ceramic tiles to hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, living rooms and meals areas.



Does my contract include my driveway?

Many building quotes only include the dwelling, and not what is outside the building. Like the flooring, your driveway may not have been covered in the quote. Depending on the driveway design and material you want, the price will vary. If a builder doesn’t include a driveway in their standard inclusions and textured driveways are out of your budget, you will probably have to opt for the concrete standard. This doesn’t make sense.

Also beware that most banks will need to do a final valuation of the property before they will pay the last instalment to the builder and generally if the driveway is not included they may not approve this.

When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane:

Our standard inclusions include an exposed aggregate driveway to a standard 6m setback.



Can you do the landscaping and fencing?

Some builders will also only provide a small amount of landscaping (e.g. 15 square metres of turfing), whereas some builders will provide none at all. Like driveways, you may need to pay for this on top of what you are already paying.

When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane:

Our standard inclusions are up to 100m2 of turf to the front yard as standard and we are happy to provide a full landscaping service if you require.

Just ask us what we can do when you meet your consultant



I'd Like a swimming pool or a shed when we build, can you help us ?

A swimming pool and shed can be a great addition to your new home. However, the construction process can be complex. Most builders won’t include pools or sheds in your contract, and will instead, ask you to arrange a pool or shed builder separately.

Another important thing to note is that if you are wanting to obtain separate finance on a pool or shed, banks don’t like seeing multiple contracts and will most likely not approve your finance.

When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane:

We can provide pools and sheds as required by you all in the same contract, making it easier for you to gain finance approval from your lender. We also provide warranty for not only your dwelling, but also your pool and shed as one.

DJ Roberts will take the time to draw your plans and specifications according to the shape, location on site, interior lining, size and depth of the pool, number and type of inlets, drains and filtration equipment you require. We will also lodge all of the documents for covenant approval for you for peace of mind.



Do you charge for custom plans or modifications?

Most builders will not allow you to stray from their pre-designed plans or will charge you a fee to design a custom plan. You may also have to wait some time before receiving your amendments back. Any alterations when you build a house after signing your building contract can cost hefty charges, including extra labour and material costs, engineering, drafting, approval fees, legal and penalty clauses for modifying the contract. So make sure you’re totally happy with a design plan before you sign the contract!

When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane:

Our sales consultants will custom design a plan to suit your block and requirements free of charge. Yes, free of charge! This gives you the freedom to go back and forward as many times as you need to ensure you are 100% happy with your custom design.  Unlike other builders, we won’t charge an administration fee on top.



Developers design guidelines (covenants)

Developer approval guidelines are set by the developer of an estate to ensure every home built within the estate has a consistent look and feel. Your developer guidelines can affect your façade colour selections and material selection. You should obtain a fixed price on what it will cost in order for the builder to meet all the developer’s requirements.

When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane:

Our sales team are well educated on each developer’s requirements and pride themselves on knowing their focus estates covenant requirements well. Our friendly office staff will help you choose the right colours and materials depending on where you are wanting to build. We will also lodge your covenant application for you and keep you updated along the process.



Do you include home owners warranty insurance?

It is mandatory for your contractor to take out home warranty insurance on your behalf for the duration of the build, therefore ensure it is included in your base house price. Most residential building work done in Queensland valued over $3,300 (including labour and materials) must have home warranty insurance.

As part of the building process, the builder pays a premium to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). The amount is included as part of your contract and is paid before work begins. If the QBCC pay out on a claim, they will pursue the builder to recover the claim amount.

When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane:

Yes, we include home warranty insurance for the duration of the build in our standard inclusion price. It is always included as part of the contract.



Are there administration fees for upgrades and variations?

Builder’s display homes often include standard inclusion items as well as many upgraded features. This can be anything from floor coverings to upgraded high end kitchen fittings. So have a chat with the new homes sales consultant and find out what is standard, what upgrades are available and what the additional cost will be. After you have done your research, present your list of ‘wants’ upfront in the initial sales process and obtain pricing on each item so that you can make an informed decision before you commit. Also, if you are unsure of what the builder offers, request to browse their colour showroom, and do so as many times as you feel the need to.

When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane:

No, we do not have any administration fees for upgrades and variations. We will give you a clear price on each item, so you can make an informed decision before signing the contract. Our clients are free to upgrade on any individual part of their house as much as they like, without the extra fees. A 20% Variation surcharge will still apply?



What is no deposit finance and why is it a bad idea?

Although this type of loan can help you buy your home sooner, having little to no money saved for a deposit can classify you as a high-risk borrower and therefore lenders may implement certain provisions in order to protect themselves in case you default. These special conditions are not always clear from the advertising point of view.

They are:

  • higher interest rates
  • additional fees, including a ‘risk fee’
  • additional security required for the loan, for example, your car
  • requirement for mortgage insurance
  • use of deposit bonds
  • in some cases, more stringent credit assessment
  • short term loans only

When you build your new home with My New Home Brisbane:

Unlike many builders, we won’t turn you away because your bank hasn’t approved your loan. Instead, we will help you through your finance journey by referring you to our wonderful financier– Nicole Palazzi. Nicole is a well-known and trusted mortgage broker, who has over 9 years’ experience in home lending which has allowed her to understand the 'ins and outs' of the Australian home loan landscape.


If our clients are having trouble with their finance, rather than saying a blanket yes or no, she will inform them on what needs to be done and point them in the right direction, in order to gain finance.

Get Started on your dream home today!


If I’m building an investment home, am I dealing directly with the builder?

Whether you are wanting to build a single storey, double storey, duplex, units, or investment home, most builders are not as personally involved as David himself. Many builders are not able to allocate all of their attention to you and your needs, especially if they are a huge building company. This can also affect the quality and time frame of your build.

Many new home investment properties are advertised by professional marketers who add their commissions on top of the price of the build by coming direct to the builder you can save yourself up to $40,000 on the initial price of your investment, over the period of a 10 or 20 year mortgage , this adds up to a huge saving.

When you build your new home with DJ Roberts:

When choosing to build with DJ Roberts you are not building with someone who has employed a Managing Director or Manager, you are choosing to deal with the "owner", David Roberts himself. David will personally ensure the Customer Service you will experience is outstanding. His hands on role enables him to personally guarantee each and every client the best quality and value for money the industry can offer.



Take the first step towards owning your own home..

Steps to building your new home!

Arrange an appointment
The first step in building your new home is to set up an appointment with us. During this appointment we discuss what packages are available, what our process is and how we can help you. When it comes to finance, if you haven't already organized finance we can arrange for you to meet out mortgage broker Nicole Palazzi and she can go over finance options with you
Select a design
Fixed price QMBA contract
Construction drawings and engineering
Council application
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