Houses for Sale Bribie Island

New Houses for Sale on Bribie Island by My New Home Brisbane

My New Homes Brisbane is pleased to offer houses for sale on Bribie Island. Bribie Island is a beautiful location, with bridge access to the mainland, national parks, and beaches for both surfing and swimming. All making Bribie Island an ideal location for your custom designed home, whether you are a first-time home buyer, or looking to enter the investment market.

Benefits of Working With Our Experienced House Builder on Bribie Island 

Our builder, DJ Roberts, has over 30 years’ experience building homes, and My New Home Brisbane is known as Brisbane’s best value builder. There are many benefits when working with an experienced company and builder on your new home on Bribie Island. 

  • Visiting one of our display homes on Bribie Island allows you to experience our custom designs first-hand. When you visit, you will be able to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants who will be able to answer any questions you may have.
  • Once you decide to join forces with us, you can take advantage of our flexible floor plans and turnkey packages. Our sales team will work closely with you to help you make the choices that meet your needs and budget. You will be able to customise your home to suit your lifestyle and feel excited and ready to move in.
  • Our experienced, friendly service staff work with you through the entire process, helping you make decisions, submitting forms and paperwork on your behalf, and ensuring you are aware of all costs and fees. Beginning with your first appointment, where we will discuss available packages, the process, and how we can help you build your new home on Bribie Island, we will be at your service throughout.

Related Services We Provide When You Purchase One of Our New Homes on Bribie Island

My New Homes Brisbane has additional services that can assist you with building your new home on Bribie Island. 

  • Sales team: We have a friendly and knowledgeable sales team that is ready to assist you with every step in the process and answer all your questions. 
  • Financing: Our financier has a passion for helping people achieve their financial goals, including homeownership. When you have decided to build your home on Bribie Island, they will be available and ready to review your finance options with you.
  • Contract services: We are happy to provide express contract service, where terms are clearly stated and agreed upon by all parties.

Why My New Home Brisbane is Cost Effective

My New Home Brisbane is your one-stop building shop. We will help you find the right location for your new home on Bribie Island, review financing options with you, and our experienced builder will look after building your new home. 

Contact us to set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable sales staff or stop by our display homes on Bribie Island to view our custom designs in person and have your questions answered.