Queensland's First Home Owners' Grant & Stamp Duty Rebate


When buying your first home in Queensland, the government offers two different grants or rebates. These are the QLD First Home Buyers Grant and the QLD Stamp Duty Rebate. If you are able to claim both in full, you are getting $28,750 in total from the Queensland government to go towards your home.

Cladding Materials


Read on to find out what cladding materials are used in the building industry and how well they act as protection.

Flooring Types Recommended By Builders


Choosing the best type of flooring for your home can make a significant difference in the finish of your build and enhances the overall value of your home. There are many types to choose from and many factors to consider before choosing your flooring finish. In this article, we will discuss the types of flooring we recommend for your new home and any pros and cons they might have.

5 Common Brick Types Used In Construction


Bricks are a very versatile material and have numerous purposes, including adding stability and strength to a building, and an aesthetic presence. They are usually laid flat and are bonded to form a structure. Most bricks are about eight inches long and four inches thick. These are the most common types of bricks used in masonry that you should be familiar with.

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