The Benefits of Two Storey Home Designs


With so many aspects involved in building a new home for you and your family, the decision between building a one storey or two storey home can be a complex choice. If you are interested in building a two storey home but are conflicted, then please read on.

 Size of Your Block

One of the most important deciding factors when it comes to deciding between a low set or two storey house plan is the size of your block of land. Do you have a small block and don’t like the idea of a small one storey? Then build up! By building a two storey on a narrow block, you’ll have increased room for a sizeable backyard.

The continuous growth of knock down rebuilds and subsequent dividing of land has created an abundance of small lot and narrow front bocks, particularly in Brisbane and it’s surrounding suburbs. Therefore, a two storey house design is necessary in order to utilise the limited land space available.

With house and land prices also increasing in cost, combined with the limited availability of larger blocks and the necessity to stay within the budget, double storey homes have seen a spike in popularity.

Location of Your Block

The location of your block of land is a great factor in whether you choose to build a single or two storey home. For example, if there are any city or bay views, a double storey home could take full advantage of this.

Also, with growing popularity, many new 2 storey house plans are fast becoming what is known as an upside down or reverse living house, where the living and entertaining areas are on the second floor and the bedrooms are located downstairs. This is designed to capitalise on the stunning views from the front, rear or side outlooks available.


A double storey house does not necessarily cost twice as much as a single storey house. In fact, adding a second storey usually only adds another 15-30% to the total cost.

Another factor to consider when budgeting is that for the same size (floor place) dwelling, a double storey may actually work out cheaper overall than a single storey. This is because if you were to build a single storey home, which requires a larger block of land, the additional premium may exceed the additional building cost for a second storey.

Larger Backyard

A double storey home will maximise your surrounding spaces, creating more room for a backyard and alfresco area for your kids or pets to play. It may also be possible to construct that swimming pool you’ve always wanted, to prepare for the many summer months ahead, depending on your budget.

You should consider this factor carefully because if you were to opt in building a large single storey home, you likely be doing it at the expense of backyard space.

Layout and Design

When it comes to the layout you desire in a home, a double storey may provide you with more options as there is a greater ability to separate space from each other. You might have teen kids who appreciate their own privacy, so consider the living arrangement and design the living areas and master bedrooms upstairs, separate from the guest bedroom or kids retreat located downstairs. By having the capability to design the living and bedroom areas over two floors, it’s incredibly easy to create a distinguished separation of space to cover many varieties of lifestyle requirements.

Not only does building up instead of sprawling out means more options for floor plan ideas, but opens doors to some whole new design elements, to enhance the key features of a two storey design. Think of a grand entrance, encompassing a magnificent staircase, flowing through to the second floor, and the advantage of strategically placed windows to welcome the natural light and views that a two storey home gifts to you.